Festival der Regionen

festival center
Eferding, 2013

FDR - festival center top view

FDR - festival center panorama

Vegetable fields, warehouses and loading docks evidence intensive agriculture and constitute the local identity of Eferding, Upper Austria. The festival center appraises these daily sights by putting together fragments in the form of disused silos, vegetable crates, repurposed greenhouses, or whatever has accumulated in residents’ backyards to make a temporary ensemble. The festival center is the place where people meet to eat and drink and is the frame for encounters and exchanges, as well as for information and communication about culture.

How to turn a hayrick:

A project by collective ika, Margit Greinöcker and Christoph Weidinger

Structural engineering: Thomas Ghahremanian

Constructions team: Ulrike Asamer, Michael Brunmayr, Ewald Elmecker, Martin Flotzinger, Ulli Fohler, Gigi Gratt, Tobias Hagleitner, Maximilian Helbig, Alex de las Heras, Thomas Kluckner, Moritz Matschke, Harald Purrer und Jomo Zeil

Photo credit: Otto Saxinger / please notice that all photo rights are reserved by Festival der Regionen

Video credit: Tobias Hagleitner / please notice that all video rights are reserved by Tobias Hagleitner

O p e n D e s i g n

The Economics of Giving Things Away
Berlin, 2012/2013

open design booklet

Photo credit: Michael Holzer


During a two-month stay in Berlin I was meeting eleven leading figures from of the open scene talking about copyright, networks and the beginnings of a new economy in design. The outcome of these interviews is a booklet that should be an introduction to Open Design as well as a stimulation of further discussions.



Concept: Magdalena Reiter
Design: Florian Hauer
Illustration: Katrin Schubert


This booklet was published under a Creative Commons / CC BY 3.0 licence. Read here what it means: German / English.

C i t t a d e l l a r t e

Sharing Transformation
Graz, 2012


Photo credit: Alexander Römer

The exhibition architecture Kunststadt by constructLab tries to answer the quest of cittadellarte for an engaged conscious art that guides society towards its future, by proposing an infrastructure that invites the visitor to become citizen of an imaginary city and to participate in its life through the different activities proposed by the invited artists. The city takes the name of Kunststadt, the german translation of cittadellarte.

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Magdalena Reiter

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Samuel Boche

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Samuel Boche

Kunststadt is meant to have a life after the exhibition, as constructLab and Kunsthaus Graz encourage citizens and associations to propose their projects and offer 12 km of wood to realize them. Sharing Transformation creates the potential for socially engaged projects in Graz.
The experience of constructLab can be seen as the very first attempt to verify the thesis of cittadellarte in a concrete way, as a microcosm that mirrors a macrocosm of cooperative urban transformation as conceived in its Manifesto.

OFFICIAL PAGE: Cittadellarte – Sharing Transformation

Text credit: Licia Soldavini
A project by constructLab

E n n s k a i - F l i e s e

Steyr, 2012

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: collective ika

In preparation for the architecture festival Architekturtage 2012 collective ika got inspired by artisan ornaments as seen on the historic facades in the center of Steyr. The resulting pattern reflects the long standing relationship between the towns quay and its correspondent river which has meanwhile transformed into a parking lot.

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Petra Moser

“Bring the fisherman back”, the sprayed design might say and during the festival the tile-like design shifted the space toward a different appearance. Car-free for two days, pedestrians experienced the potential of this more than 200 meters long stripe of blacktop and the young ones took some pieces of chalk and started coloring their own little piece of public space.

DOWNLOAD stencil for a single tile or for four arranged tiles.

Text credit: collective ika
A project by collective ika

F a m i l i e B i n d e r

open furniture. welcome to copy. built to hack.
Linz, 2012

Magdalena Reiter

Magdalena Reiter

Familie Binder is a family of furniture, originally consisting of a stool, a chair and a lounger but constantly growing through hacking the designs. The conceptual designs are publicly accessible and can be copied and further developed. The furniture is conceptualized for home assembly. Once cut, polished and drilled, the wooden parts are simply put together using a cable tie. Familie Binder is happy to keep growing. If you design new offspring, please send us photos for addition to the family album to office (at) creativeregion (dot) org.

Magdalena Reiter

Magdalena Reiter

Familie Binder was designed by Upper Austrian designers Clemens Bauder, Margit Greinöcker, Michael Holzer, Magdalena Reiter, Klaus Michael Scheibl and Katja Seifert.

DOWNLOAD building instructions in german or english.

Photo credit: Helga Traxler


Familie Binder is licenced under a Creative Commons / CC BY SA 2.0 licence. Read here what it means: German / English.

r o c k i n g s e a h o r s e

Venezia, 2012

As a hybrid creature, rocking seahorse is constructed of wood, a bike gear and simple plastic bottles as floating device.

Magdalena Reiter

When parts of the Italian government tried to pass water into private hands, ReBiennale decided to take water as a common property as its annual topic of 2011. Therefore we as well tried to bring this into our focus, as much as this is still necessary in Venice. The result was rocking seahorse and days full of fun.

Text, photo and video credit: collective ika
A project by collective ika

p e r i s c o p e

Venezia, 2010

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Thomas Kluckner

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Peter Schreckensberger

Every serious project starts with a serious investigation of the surroundings. Therefore we built a rather large periscope. Touring around the neighborhood this device gave us insights we otherwise wouldn’t have got.
The periscope was also used by people passing by, locals as well as visitors. Shifting ones perspective in such a literal way is not only fun but also changes perceptions, which after all was our aim.

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Thomas Kluckner

Text credit: collective ika

A project by collective ika

c i n e m a p a r a d i s o

Venezia, 2010

Magdalena Reiter

As opposed to former experiences of the Morion‘s neighbors in Castello, Venice the cinema paradiso was not loud, quite the contrary it showed silent movies. We started with a small screen in the back alley. As the people got to know this new attraction and grew in numbers we built larger and larger screens. In the end we used a clothes line stretched across the street were we put two bed sheets.

Magdalena Reiter

Our resume: It is easy to create a silent movie cinema in public space as long as you figure out how to unscrew the bulbs of the street lights.

Text and photo credit: collective ika
A project by collective ika

S o y s a u c e d i s p e n d e r

Linz, 2008

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Magdalena Reiter

soy sauce 32colour

Photo credit: Magdalena Reiter
Scan: ars electronica center

Porcelain object with dosage shutter. Soon available as download for 3d printing.

Magdalena Reiter

Photo credit: Michael Holzer

Magdalena Reiter works as an artist in interdisciplinary art and architecture collectives and for CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria and OPEN COMMONS_LINZ.

Reiter is part of the Executive Board of Open Knowledge Foundation Austria and specialized on Open Design. Her work brings questions about real or virtual possibilities of participation into focus. She also blogs at MAKE DESIGN OPEN.

UPCOMING: 2014 May 23
Familie Binder DIY workshop, Wissensturm Linz


UPCOMING: 2014 May 22
copycat <3 backpacks workshop with Sigrid Stöckl, Wissensturm Linz


UPCOMING: 2014 May 20 & 21


UPCOMING: 2014 May 20
Open Knowledge Stammtisch, Raumschiff Linz


UPCOMING: 2014 May (exact date is following)
 Anleitung zum offen machen. Wie Designerinnen und Designer ihre Arbeiten offen und frei zur Verfügung stellen können (und trotzdem Geld dabei verdienen), workshop at re:publica, Berlin


UPCOMING: 2014 Apr 25
Familie Binder DIY workshop, Wissensturm Linz


2014 Apr 3
copycat <3 backpacks, workshop with Sigrid Stöckl at Raumschiff, Linz


2014 Mar 17
talk at ANDERS GETEILT. Kollektive Freiräume als urbane Ressource, symposium by TU Vienna, at WUK, Vienna


2014 Mar 14
Open Knowledge Stammtisch at Sektor5, Vienna


2014 Mar 12
Workshop together with Leonhard Dobusch at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


2014 Feb 27
copycat <3 backpacks, workshop with Sigrid Stöckl at Raumschiff, Linz


UPCOMING: 2013 Dec 10 new date will be announced
Creative Commons & Open Design, workshop together with Martin Hollinetz, WKO Gmunden


2013 Nov 29
installation for WERK13 by collective ika, Tabakfabrik Linz


2013 Nov 02
DIY sewing workshop, Posthof, Linz


2013 Oct 26
Self-determined Production, Elevate, Forum Stadtpark, Graz


2013 Oct 23
Open Design Allianz?, Vienna Open, the hub, Vienna


2013 Oct 18
Zeit-Ton extended by Susanna Niedermayr and Stefan Trischler in cooperation with Elevate


2013 Oct 10
Familie Binder DIY workshop, Otelo Vöcklabruck


2013 Aug 29
Familie Binder DIY workshop, Kinderuni Steyr


2013 Aug 22
Familie Binder DIY workshop, Sommer im Wehrgraben, röda, Steyr


2013 Jul 20
textile hacklab & workshop, metalab, Wien


2013 Jul 18 & 19
textile hacklab & workshop, Open Week, Graz


2013 Jul 2
talk at FH Würzburg


2013 Jun 14 – 15
NOIN: nerdy, open, independent & noisy workshop, Hafenfest, Linz


2013 Jun 07 – 16
Festival der Regionen, Eferding


2013 May 19 & 20
Familie Binder DIY workshops, Linzfest (at Lentos Kunstmuseum)


2013 May 18 – 20
presentation by OPEN COMMONS_LINZ, Linzfest (at Lentos Kunstmuseum)


2013 May 15
Workshop Remix, Remake, Mash-Up together with John Weitzmann, Creative Region, Tabakfabrik Linz


2013 May 14
OC13 – Open Commons Kongress, talk about Open Design, Wissensturm Linz


2013 May 13 – 20
Open Week, Linz


2013 May 07
re:publica 13, talk (in German) Kontingenz im Design – ODER: der Dschungel der Möglichkeiten, Berlin
DOWNLOAD the slides


2013 Apr 09-14
Familie Binder at Austrian Design Details staged by March Gut, Salone dei Tessuti, Milano


2013 Mar 01
Work in Progress, Hamburg


2013 Feb 02
Barcamp, Linz


2013 Jan


2012 Sept 29 – 2013 Jan 20
Cittadellarte – Sharing Transformation, Kunsthaus Graz


2013 Jan 16
Appropiate!, discussion about Creative Commons (german)


2012 Nov 15 – Dec 02
Best Off 2012, Tabakfabrik Linz


2012 Okt 01 – Dec 03
Residency at Create Berlin


2012 Nov 21


2012 Nov 16
Summit of newthinking, Berlin

SON12: Magdalena Reiter – Open Design – Wirtschaften mit freien Produkten from newthinking on Vimeo.


2012 Sept 06
in the studio of Pamela Neuwirth / FROzine, Linz (german)


2012 Aug 27 – 30
Kinderuni, Steyr
photos on flickr


2012 Jun 15 – 16
Familie Binder DIY workshops, Linz


2012 Jun 01 – 02
Architekturtage, Steyr


2011 Oct 07
Red Dot Award Gala, Berlin


German Design Award 2012 Nominee


2011 Sept 11 – 16
rocking seahorse, Venezia


2011 Aug 16 – 19
Social Coherence, Saint Denis / Paris

download press text – Open Design booklet (german)

download press text – residency Berlin (german)

download press kit – Familie Binder (german)

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